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  1. A 3 Musketeers originally included three smaller bars: one vanilla, one chocolate and one strawberry, hence the name.
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  2. The M&M in M&M's stands for Mars and Murrie. Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie launched the candy.
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  3. The name PEZ comes from the German word for peppermint (PfeffErminZ).
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  4. Salvador Dalí designed the Chupa Chups logo.
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  5. NECCO cranks out about 750,000,000 candy buttons each year.
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  6. Kit Kat flavors available in Japan include wine, sweet potato, wasabi, and soy sauce.
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  7. "Hersheykoko" was the winner of Milton Hershey's 1904 name-the-town contest. When the post office rejected it, the town became Hershey, PA.
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  8. Fruit Stripe's zebra mascot is named Yipes.
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  9. Toblerone is a portmanteau of the creator’s name, Theodor Tobler, and “torrone,” an Italian word for a type of nougat.
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