1. Florida State has its own circus and offers an Intro to Circus class.
  2. Oregon’s athletic teams were originally known as the Webfoots.
  3. Wisconsin is the Badger State because the area's lead miners spent winters in tunnels burrowed into hills. Like badgers.
  4. The visitors' locker room at Alabama's stadium is named 'The Fail Room' in honor of James M. Fail, class of '49.
  5. Texas A&M has an official greeting—"Howdy." It "sets us apart as the friendliest campus in the world."
  6. After a half-century as the Owls and then the Bulldogs, Arizona State became the Sun Devils after a student vote in 1946.
  7. Notable University of Texas alums include Neil deGrasse Tyson, Farrah Fawcett, and Walter Cronkite.
  8. Before adopting Fighting Irish as the school nickname, Notre Dame’s athletic teams were known as the Catholics and Ramblers.