Here are some proposed SNL movies that you'll never get to see.
  1. Hans & Franz: The Girly Man Dilemma (1993)
    The idea for a Hans and Franz movie began—and ended—with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who suggested the idea to Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey when he guest starred in a segment. In 2012, Nealon talked about the folded project with the Tampa Bay Times, admitting that: “Yes, we wrote a musical! ... I wrote it with Conan O'Brien, Robert Smigel, and Dana Carvey. Schwarzenegger was co-producing with us, and he was going to star in it. We got it written, sold it to Sony. But I think Arnold got cold feet.”
  2. Bill Swerski’s Superfans (1995)
    Robert Smigel and Bob Odenkirk (who had created the original sketch together) jumped at the opportunity to turn it into a movie. But a bad year for SNL on the small screen spelled trouble for anyone involved with the show. “There was an awful article written in New York Magazine about the show and the network wanted to lay down the law,” Smigel told The AV Club, which meant “no SNL movies.”
  3. Coffee Talk (1995)
    That same New York Magazine article curtailed plans for a feature version of Mike Myers’ Coffee Talk, a popular sketch in which Myers starred as Jewish talk show host Linda Richman (a character he based on his mother-in-law). The recent box office failures of other SNL movies at the time—including It’s Pat and Stuart Saves His Family—didn’t help matters either.
  4. Sprockets (2000)
    Dieter is another Mike Myers talk show host character whose leap to the big screen was aborted. But this one was not due to lack of interest on the studio’s part. In 2000, Universal filed suit against Myers, claiming he abandoned the project because “the script—which he himself co-wrote and over which he had complete and unfettered control—is no longer acceptable to him.” Myers responded that he "cannot in good conscience accept $20 million and cheat moviegoers with an unacceptable script.”
  5. The Ambiguously Gay Duo (2005)
    A feature-length version of Robert Smigel and J.J. Sedelmaier’s animated TV Funhouse sketch has been rumored for years. And in 2005, Stephen Colbert—who voiced Ace, one half of the possibly gay superhero team (Steve Carell played Gary)—even told Ain’t It Cool News that “the movie is a go.” Years later, the closest the script has gotten to Hollywood is a live-action version of the sketch in May of 2011, when Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon played the flesh-and-blood versions of Ace and Gary.
  6. Stefon (2013)
    Fans of Stefon got prematurely excited in 2013 when Bill Hader told Larry King about the idea of turning his know-it-all club kid into a leading man. But it wasn't to be. "It never worked as a sketch," Hader told Fast Company. "It was a nice thing that lived on Weekend Update, and it should probably only live on SNL and that’s that.”
  7. The Saturday Night Live Movie (1990)
    Given that each episode of SNL is essentially a feature-length series of sketches, The Saturday Night Live Movie seems a bit redundant. But in 1990, a script with that title was written, with some of the show’s strongest writing talents—including Conan O’Brien, Robert Smigel, Al Franken, and Greg Daniels—attached as participants. Someone must have wised up to the fact that the cinematic medium offered nothing different for the concept; few people even knew of the script’s existence until 2010.