All very real, though I'm not sure they found what they were looking for.
  1. how to come up with a name for your fans
  2. why doesnt your own tickling feel tickly
  3. how did hitlers UFO work
  4. how many wishes do you get before blowing out your candles
  5. why don't we have animals on treadmills for energy
  6. who decided that gummi bears would be bears
  7. how come diarrhea is spelled so funny
  8. if a young person is looking like an old man what should the person eat?
  9. is it wrong to take pictures of the dead?
  10. is it wrong to throw away pictures of a deceased loved one?
  11. is it wrong for married christians to have sex in different positions?
  12. is it wrong to hang out with divorced women when you are married
  13. how to break ego of husband
  14. why a bird's poop be white!?