Towns like to welcome visitors with announcements about their history, industry, or geography. But these town slogans don't quite fit the mold.
  1. "Don’t pass Gas, stop and enjoy it."
    Gas, KS
  2. "857 friendly people and one old grump"
    Readlyn, IA
  3. "Town of oil repute"
    Drumright, OK
  4. "The mile wide city"
    Denver, IA
  5. "Where the battle wasn't"
    Gettysburg, SD
  6. "Originally Concord"
    Old Concord, PA
  7. "Wyoming's oldest incorporated town that is still in existence"
    Hartville, WY
  8. "We're down to earth. If Gravity goes, we all go."
    Gravity, IA
  9. "26th best small town in America"
    Nevada, IA
  10. "Everything but a lake"
    Lake City, IA
  11. "Keep it in mind!"
    Abbeville, GA