It's like a four-hour game. If there's a lull in the conversation, you can toss out some facts.
  1. During Super Bowl I in 1967, NBC was still in commercial when the second half kicked off. Officials asked the Packers to kick off again.
  2. According to a Wall Street Journal study, there are only 11 minutes of actual football action in an average NFL game.
  3. The last time the Panthers were in the Super Bowl (2004), the second half was delayed when a man dressed as a ref ran onto the field, stripped down to a G-string, and started to dance.
  4. The Broncos once had a fight song called "The Mighty Bronco March."
  5. The NFL used to play a third-place game, which Vince Lombardi called a "losers' bowl for losers."
  6. On the 49ers' Super Bowl XXIII-winning drive, a calm Joe Montana asked teammates in the huddle, "Hey isn't that John Candy over there?"
  7. In 1977, Super Bowl pre-game entertainment featured Ashley Whippet, a Frisbee-catching dog.
  8. The 1989 halftime show featured magician Elvis Presto, who performed magic tricks in the style of Elvis Presley.
    And we just published an oral history of this magical night! —
  9. There's never been a Super Bowl shutout. The Miami Dolphins hold the record for fewest points scored—a 24-3 loss to Dallas in Super Bowl VI.
  10. When the Super Bowl champion Giants visited the White House in 1987, they dumped popcorn on President Reagan.
  11. "The Super Bowl Shuffle" by the '85 Bears was nominated for a Grammy for best R&B performance. They lost to Prince.
  12. Only four NFL teams have never been to a Super Bowl: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars.
  13. Budweiser party animal Spuds MacKenzie was played by a female Bull Terrier named Honey Tree Evil Eye.
  14. And the ads...
  15. A 30-second commercial for this year’s Super Bowl cost $5 million. For Super Bowl I in 1967, it was $40,000.
  16. When Doritos creator Arch West died, his family asked friends to scatter Doritos around his burial box.
  17. A Georgia teen was suspended for wearing a Pepsi t-shirt at his school's "Coke in Education Day."
  18. Pepsi was originally called "Brad's Drink."
  19. The 2000 Ravens didn't like to use the word "playoffs"—they said "Festivus" instead. The Super Bowl was "Festivus Maximus."
  20. For one day in 1998, Topeka, Kansas, renamed itself "ToPikachu" to celebrate Pokemon's U.S. debut.
  21. Taco Bell is named for its founder, Glen Bell.
  22. The first "I'm going to Disney World!" ad came after Super Bowl XXI in 1987 and starred Giants QB Phil Simms.