Let me take a few questions.
  1. This isn't one of those things where you ask people to work for free, is it? Because I have to say, that's not...
    Paid! It's paid. I should have led with that.
  2. Paid in money?
    Yes, in money. What else could you be paid in?
  3. "Exposure."
    We'll throw that in.
  4. How much money?
    For this internship we're going to start with 6-8 hours a week at $15/hour. We can be flexible on when you work those hours (one day a week, two nights, etc.)
  5. Is this one of those "get people coffee" internships?
    You will be working from home or your dorm or your library or your favorite coffee shop. If you want to get people coffee in those places, have a blast.
  6. What will I be doing then?
    Brainstorming, writing, and researching. That's it. Each week we'll work together and come up with one really great story idea. You will write it and work with an editor/fact-checker team here to make it better. We will publish it under your byline (EXPOSURE!) and you'll start working on the next one.
  7. How do I apply?
    Email jobs@mentalfloss.com. Use the word LIST in your subject. Feel free to use other words too. Include the following: 1. One paragraph about you. 2. Three story/list ideas that could appear on mentalfloss.com. 3. A link to one writing sample you're proud of. It doesn't have to be published anywhere. Could be from The List App! 4. Your resume. 5. One insanely interesting fact (about anything).
  8. Will this lead to full-time employment?
    Maybe! No promises, though. In 2013 we had two full-time employees on the digital side. In 2014 we hired four more. This year we're up to 24. We intend to keep growing.
  9. If I have more questions later, can I ask them?
    Sure, leave a comment or email me (jason@mentalfloss.com).
  10. Where is this job posted?
    Only here. So many smart people here, no need to post elsewhere.
  11. I'm going to be honest: I thought Mental Floss was exclusively a List App publication. Can you tell me a little about the company?
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    Mental Floss magazine was launched in 2001 in a dorm room and publishes 8x a year. The website had its best month ever in October 2015, welcoming 19.4 million people. We have a YouTube channel with 1.3 million subscribers that's headed up by author John Green, who was one of our early writers (before he became an international superstar). We are based in New York but have offices in Alabama and London. Monica Geller was an early fan.