1. A service called "Hangover Helpers" in Boulder, CO will deliver a Gatorade, cook you a breakfast burrito, and even clean up unsightly reminders of the night before.
  2. Bones found at Seymour Island indicate that about 40 million years ago, penguins stood a formidable 6 feet tall and weighed 250 pounds.
  3. The last time the French government used a guillotine to execute a convicted criminal was not the 1700s or 1800s. It was 1977.
  4. Wombat poop is cube-shaped.
  5. Saltwater Brewery in Delray, FL has created the world's first fully biodegradable, compostable, and edible six-pack rings, designed to protect marine animals and the environment.
  6. The oldest socks ever discovered date to between 250 and 420 CE and feature split toes—meaning they were likely worn with sandals.
  7. "Horizontal refreshment" was a 19th century slang term for sex.
  8. Newborn elephants suck their trunks for comfort.
  9. In 1997, a woman from Louisville left actor Charles Bronson all of her money in a handwritten will—a total of about $300,000. She'd never met him. She was just a fan.
  10. Last month, 96-year-old Henry Heimlich saved an 87-year-old choking victim at his Cincinnati retirement home. It was reportedly the first time he'd ever used the eponymous maneuver.