Society needs to become more accepting and aware of its impact on the happiness of others. We need to come together and create a better world for our children. In addition to those people who were not born White, cisgender, straight (by the way, being gay is NOT a choice), etc. With the use of social media, we can turn these dreams into realities.
  1. More representation of POC in the media (TV, magazines, behind the scenes, etc.) Whatever happened to equal opportunity hiring? Unless it is meant to be a predominantly Black show, we don't see our people being represented enough- as well as fairly. We are more than just thugs, hyper-sexualized women, and "fill-ins" for your entertaining pleasure.
  2. Stop regarding bisexuality as another term for confused. I used to struggle with my sexuality. But, I knew that I wasn't confused. I am enamored with both sexes, if I'm being quite frank. I don't understand why my particular preference makes me seem any less sure than a straight man or woman. This is who I am and I am NOT confused about it.
  3. Stop encouraging the myth that people choose to be gay. Just like my innate feelings towards both sexes, gay people should have the right to love who they want. We've reached marriage equality on paper, but what about in the minds of those who homophobes, who seem to think that God wats them to "cure" homosexuality (being gay is NOT a disease).
  4. Recognize that 50+ year old White men (Republicans) do not have control over a woman's body more than she does.
  5. Simply put, not all women have women parts. Laverne, Caitlyn (just to name a few), I refer to you by your female names and mention you in passing with a female pronoun, because I respect you. Women need to band together and stop polarizing a specific "type" of female. Transgender women ARE women. Refer to them as such and treat them as such.
  6. As much as skin color determines success in this world, it does not determine talent, ability, or potential in an individual. As ostracizing as the world may be, never let that stop you from reaching your dreams.
  7. Black is beautiful and will ALWAYS be. Whether you're light-skin or dark-skin, always see yourself as a Queen. Because you are.
  8. Xenophobia and homophobia (just to name a few) are an instance of ignorance. A person's religion and preference does not suggest that they should be treated like anything other than a human being. Stereotyping Muslims as terrorists and gay people as "abominations" only validates the need for change. And the need for it NOW.
  9. Too often, a woman's body has been treated as society's plaything. Respect a woman's body and respect her choice to do with it as she pleases. And, for the record, unless a woman REALLY asks for it. she's not asking for it.
  10. Last but not least, remember that being yourself is the best thing that you can be. Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Thank you to whoever to the time out to read this. Have a blessed year.