Battle tested by yours truly. These actually work, IF you can follow them- not so easy!
  1. Say NO to anything that you don't want to do (or makes you feel ill to even consider)
  2. Let go of fear (life really is a blink, you're gonna die anyway so what's to lose?)
  3. Don't let anyone define you (break out of the box)
  4. To rise from the soul-killing creative plateau you must challenge yourself (periodically take creative risks that might embarrass but ideally not bankrupt)
  5. When things are bad open a bottle of good red with family and friends (things could always be worse so be grateful)
  6. Practice humility by giving something to someone in need (your parking place, love, your favorite book, tickets to Hamilton- hmmm)
  7. Remember all this is transitory, enjoy the moment (as told to me personally by the Buddha in my garden)