a work in progress, but no less- ordered from best to worst your guide to the city's chai lattes according to serious connoisseurs (my 12yr old nanny child and myself)
  1. octane
    perfectly spiced, theirs is tops. hot or cold it can't be beat
  2. hodgepodge
    ALMOST as good as octane
  3. taproom
    tbh tied with hodgepodge. presentation / drinking experience perhaps superior due to saucer and nice ceramic cup. notable mention: ultra delicious froth
  4. joe's
    mostly tasty, but a little on the sweet side. to balance my criticism, hayley asserts the value of it's subtle spiciness
  5. starbucks
    WAY too sweet. not good
  6. san francisco
    way too milky. froth was ok
  7. java monkey
    hate to resort to such a lowly abbreviation but- wtf? tasted like only spice in water. you can do better, jm, we believe in you...
  8. to do:
  9. condessa
  10. dr bombay's
  11. dancing goats