hate myself for not starting this til halfway thru season three but oh well still doing it
  1. whatever you stepped in on this case is being tracked into my office... and i don't like the smell of it
  2. i hope you've got other names in your phone book, 'cause i'm taking myself off the hook on this one
  3. i don't have time for your CONVENIENT IGNORANCE!
  4. maybe you should've tried to fill me in before you tried to kill me
  5. [insects are] so beautiful and so honest. eat, sleep, defecate, procreate- that's all they do. that's all *we* do, but at least insects don't kid themselves that it's anything more than that
    -sexy random usda lady named bambi
  6. sure. fine. whatever.
    -icy scully
  7. why do you always get to drive? because you're the guy? the big macho man?
  8. how do i know YOU'RE not a cockroach?
    -dr. eckerly pointing gun at mulder
  9. you're an invertebrate scum sucker who's moral dipstick is about two drops short of bone dry
    -mulder to krychek
  10. to be continued...