1. My convictions and temptations are not your convictions and temptations
  2. A shift from a selfish perspective to one of empathy is a game changer
    trust me. it's not all about you.
  3. There is beauty in simplicity
  4. Seek first
    keep your priorities straight - the rest falls into place
  5. The enemy prefers to work in isolation
  6. Live in the overflow
    you've been given grace and love and when that core gets off-balanced, don't let yourself start blaming the people around you
  7. Father let my heart be after you
    cling to this when you don't know what to do
  8. One of the greatest gifts we can receive is the wisdom of someone else's perspective
  9. Where I end, he begins, so I am never not enough
    a heart check in insecurity
  10. Start with what you know
    always let what you know to be true trump how you feel right now.