hey there! to start off my lists, here are five photos, chosen at random from my camera roll. hopefully this will teach you a little about me (without teaching too much)
  1. my lovely mom and sister. my mom would not be happy that I'm putting this photo on social media, but she's a beauty regardless
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  2. me, hugging my best friend hannah, on the right. she's a sweetheart. we haven't been talking as much lately, but distance regardless, I love her
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  3. this is from the same night as the one above. my mother and I.
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  4. my little (not so much) sister and I at the twenty one pilots show back in September. I only have good memories associated with this night. we dressed up as josh dun and tyler joseph.
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  5. the sunset a couple weeks back. I love sunsets and sunrises more than anything.
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