Inspired by @dena (and @olive, etc) this was FUN i love going through old photos. i hope 2016 was as #lit as 2015 was.
  1. JANUARY//taken by a friend as we walked to our uber after a last minute decision to see g eazy and kehlani at the concert hall where symphonies play. we took really good molly and danced our asses off.
  2. FEBRUARY//was the month of going to theme parties with squad. this party was black and white themed i think? peep jason's man bun and kai's frank ocean bandana.
  3. MARCH//tatted a friend in my dorm room drunk on bacardi because college, i think.
  4. APRIL//when boys ask if you wanna see their "old painting spots" know that 1. they're probably talking about spray paint as in graffitti, and 2. you're gonna want to say yes. because you get to see places like this.
  5. MAY//i stopped eating meat last year and it was a great decision, but also resulted in selfies like this.
  6. JUNE//was the month of getting drunk with all my #catholichoes from high school off our parents' wine, sometimes resulting in pics of me ptfo at 11 pm. wouldn't trade those nights for the world.
  7. JULY//a mirror pic at the place i had to take drug education classes because i got caught smoking on campus. i was the only person there under 40 and not there for a DUI. during water breaks those dudes gave me sage life advice (and newports).
  8. AUGUST//this reminds me of a friend i'm no longer fucking but still love to death, the #nchardcore community (the sharpie on my hands, the band t shirt), and kittens.
  10. OCTOBER//many many nights spent curled up under this bacon blanket smoking bowls at an apartment full of guys i love 2 death. one of them got #toohigh one night and wouldn't stop taking photos because "you're a vegetarian...in a blanket that says i heart bacon..." yeah. we get it, nathan.
  11. NOVEMBER//candid taken by my friend in a hotel room in dc. spur of the moment trip for a concert i didn't have a ticket for, ended up drinking whiskey and taking a bath with a very cute boy instead.
  12. DECEMBER//editorial staff of my university's yearbook. i got my dream job as digital content editor this month and just looking at this pic puts me in a good mood.