I love sex. it's fun and not nearly as serious as I used to think before I started doing it. however, I had sex for the first time when I was 17, with my first love, and it was serious as fuck. ///
  2. I'm 17. he's 19. we've been dating off and on for a year. we're both hopeless romantics.
  3. I'm a confused little Catholic girl who recently discovered how good her body can feel, and doesn't quite know how to deal with it.
    I have a really really strong sex drive and my body is very, very sensitive. I thought I had died and gone to heaven the first time a boy touched my ass.
  4. he's a musician who writes songs about me and smokes a lot of weed.
    he has bright blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair everywhere and we are in love.
  5. it's his birthday! his parents are out of town. I tell my parents that he wants to show me around his hometown (like 45 minutes away from mine) so they let me drive up and spend the day there.
  6. he shows me around his house and I sit on his bed and we start kissing.
  7. the afternoon sun is streaming in through his windows as he undresses me
  8. he goes down on me and I think I might die it feels so good
    he was very experienced, which probably should have made me nervous? but really I was just thrilled he knew what he was doing because I didn't.
  9. eventually I'm on top of him and it's.... not working.
    I can tell that it can be much better than this, and we're both getting frustrated
  10. he finally just takes the condom off, I go down on him for a minute, and I get back on top
    THIS WAS BAD OF US AND YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. had I been as confident in myself as I am now, I would have made him keep it on. boys, please use condoms. or else eventually you won't be able to stay hard with one on and then you're fucked (or. not fucked).
  11. and then I ascend the temporal plane
    No lie it was a spiritual experience. this was the moment I realized I would be a ho for the rest of my life because I wanted this feeling every day, all the time, with everyone I found attractive
  12. neither of us came.
    it was so good that we kept switching positions until finally after like two hours we were both too tired to keep going
  13. but we didn't care?¿
    I had never experienced that good of a feeling before and I honestly couldn't have cared less about an orgasm. we both offered to go down on the other and laughed when we realized neither of us had the energy.
  14. it WAS more special because we loved each other.
    this is CORNY AS FUCK but looking him in the eye while he was inside me and knowing how much we loved each other was insane. to this day I'm so glad my first time was with someone who adored me and thought I was the most beautiful, special girl in the world.
  15. *****the sequel*****
  16. we had sex again recently.
    we stayed friends after we broke up over a year ago, and last semester we were both in a bad spot and found some comfort in each other.
  17. it was different
    it was more... smooth? I was much more confident and experienced, and we were closer to equals when it came to the physical side.
  18. but still amazing.
    because we aren't IN love anymore, but we will always love each other. plus I was a lot better at the mechanics of stuff.
  19. ****the moral of the story****
  20. sex is fun regardless
  21. but sex with someone you love will always be better.