Inspired by @olive
  1. 😇
    when i do something good n want people to know it
  2. 😈😈😈
    when i do something bad and want people to know it
  3. 🎀✨✨💖✨✨🎀
    s2g i use this exact emoji string three times a week at least. used when i'm tryna be cute and thank someone for being nice, or when someone is mad at me n i want them to stop being mad
  4. 🔮/🌙/💫/✨/💸/💉/💊
    usually some combo of these accompanies a selfie bc the various ways to put two or more of these emojis together describes any aesthetic i'm going for
  5. 🌚
    used when i'm bein mysterious(all the time)
  6. 😷😷😷
    when talking abt thirsty boys or anything else gross and unwanted