my friend texted me last night asking if I wanted to go with her to some edm show in DC tonight(we go to school in North Carolina). me and a (fuck) buddy decide to go with her. now we're an hour away and the show just sold out before me and my bud could get tickets. here's what we're planning on doing tonight instead.
  1. get drunk off the brown
    admiral and ginger ale, y'all
  2. fuck in the hotel gym
  3. clubbing? @olive please tell me somewhere I can go that's not over 21s and will let me in if I'm wearing sk8 hi's instead of heels
  4. dance my (drunk) ass off and stumble back to the hotel at 3 am
    with the knowledge that even if my plans didn't work out, I still had a bombass time because I'm cute and young and DC is one of my favorite cities on the east coast