Reasons I Love Taylor Swift (Part 1)

  1. Her music inspires fans everyday (including me). The music she makes comes straight from her heart and she puts a lot of work into it. Not to mention, her music videos absolutely blow my mind every time I watch them. Basically, I've watched all of her music videos more than five times...they are just too good!
  2. She has the best fandom (SWIFTIES!!!) out of all of the other artists. Enough said.
  3. She cares so much about her fans and she would do anything for them. She opened up her several houses to some lucky fans that she invited to listen to the 1989 album before it even came out. She made food for them and took pictures with them, and she genuinely spent time with them to show them that she loved and cared about them.
  4. She has THE BEST cats. First of all, one of her cats is named Meredith, and that's my name so obviously I love her. And her second cat is named Olivia. They are both of the Scotish Fold breed of cats. They are two of the cutest cats I've ever seen and we sometimes get to see pics of them on Tay's insta ;)
  5. Her street style is EVERYTHING. She rocks every outfit she wears and she is so confident with herself. She is a genuinely beautiful human being and she basically looks good in everything. She's not afraid to wear something that some critics might call "sluty" or some other rude word that does not describe her.
  6. Lastly, she has such a beautiful soul and her heart is always in the right place. She is compassionate and she is sensitive towards others. She loves the people in her life and she makes sure that they know that. She has never gotten in any scandals that have led her to the court room. She doesn't promote sexual activity or the use of drugs.
  7. Overall, she is an amazing woman who never stops doing what she wants to do (with her friends by her side of course). She enjoys her career and she doesn't take it for granted. I'll never stop loving Taylor Allison Swift <3