Top 5 "Girl Meets World" Season 1 Episodes

(No particular order btw) Season 2 coming soon ;)
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    Episode 4: Girl Meets Father
    Cory struggles with his emotions when Riley wants to attend her first school dance instead of continuing the tradition of her and her father riding the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster, which they have done every year since Riley was young. In addition, Maya gets an F on a quiz, prompting her to say that Cory failed her, leading her to "quit" school. Both Maya and Riley tell Corey that there is not much else he can teach them, and he feels as though he has lost them.
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    Episode 7: Girl Meets Maya's Mother
    Riley and Maya's art teacher, Ms. Kossal, comments on Maya's art work and suggests she show it at the upcoming art fair. Maya's mother, Katy Hart, fails to show to her school's career day until the next day to Maya's embarrassment, and reveals she's a waitress but aspires to become an actress. When Riley suggests that Katy attend the art fair to see her daughter's art work, Katy fails to appear again. Riley learns that Katy is afraid of embarrassing Maya.
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    Episode 13: Girl Meets Flaws
    Graduation and Awards Night is coming up, and Riley is shocked that she has not been nominated for any awards while her friends have. When Farkle is not present to receive his award, everyone becomes concerned because he never misses class. Suspecting that Farkle is skipping class, Riley, Maya, and Lucas learn that Farkle is being bullied by Billy Ross. To help Farkle, Riley comes up with the idea to have everyone write a label on their forehead, describing their "flaw".
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    Episode 17: Girl Meets Game Night
    Family Game Night is a monthly tradition at the Matthews' apartment, and Cory, Topanga, Riley and Auggie are set to play, with Auggie inviting a special family member, Uncle Josh. Riley's friends-first attitude gets her into deep trouble, though, when she invites Maya, Lucas and Farkle to the occasion. Cory stresses the importance of family with the game night but is agitated over the four extra guests.
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    Episode 20: Girl Meets First Date
    Cory embraces the idea of "first love" at the end of the school year, until he realizes Riley is among those experiencing it, with Lucas. As Cory desperately tries to keep them apart, Lucas decides he wants to go about things right by asking Cory and Topanga for their blessing to date their daughter. Feeling that Riley is too young to be dating, Cory agrees to the date on the condition that it is a double date, with Maya and Farkle accompanying the two. Also, Riley kisses Lucas ;)