Top 5 "Girl Meets World" Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 has finally come to an end with the season finally that came out Friday. These are my favorite episodes from the season (no particular order btw) ((this was very VERY hard, there are so many good episodes in this season, but I had to narrow it down to 5))
  1. 1.
    Girl Meets The Secret of Life
    When Lucas' old friend from Texas comes to New York, Lucas begins to wonder if New York had really changed him, and he starts to keep secrets from Riley. Meanwhile, Cory test the foursomes to wash a car so they can find out the true meaning to the secret of life.
  2. 2.
    Girl Meets Rileytown
    Maya describes Riley's place of uniqueness as "Rileytown," but mere mention of that word is putting Riley on edge and she takes it out on Maya. The two girls and the rest of Cory's class are learning how to resolve conflicts. Maya becomes aware that something is wrong with Riley, and Farkle, recalling when he was bullied, thinks someone is bullying Riley. Maya talks to Riley and wants her to open up about what is going on, discovering Riley has been getting bullied for a few weeks.
  3. 3.
    Girl Meets Texas: Part 2
    The gang spends their first night out in Texas. Zay reunites with his old flame, Vanessa, thanks to Riley and Maya. Meanwhile, Riley begins to understand that Maya had stepped back for the sake of their friendship, and Riley tells Lucas about Maya's feelings. Lucas pressures Maya to say whether she likes him or not, but she denies it. As Maya is saying she doesn't like him and "hurhurring" him, Lucas surprises her and tries to kiss her, but backs down.
  4. 4.
    Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project
    When Cory comes up with the idea of a forgiveness project, everyone expresses their feelings on paper to someone they wish to forgive. Riley writes to Auggie and Lucas and Zay write to Farkle, while Maya decides to write to her father, Kermit, who appears at Topanga's after receiving Maya's letter. That comes as a shock to Katy, but Maya wants to give Kermit a chance to be part of her life again after he failed to be for the last nine years.
  5. 5.
    Girl Meets The Bay Window
    With high school around the corner, Riley decides to change her bedroom bay window and leave her childhood years behind, but Maya objects because of what the bay window has meant to both of them. She also feels reluctant to move on to this next phase of their lives. The girls reflect on when they first became friends, as well as when they first met Farkle, and the two talk to their younger selves about how much they have changed since. Riley and Maya also get to meet their older selves.