Everyone remembers amazing quotes from TV and movies. In addition to those, I also love quote-worthy podcasts.
  1. "Oh wait, you dropped this. It's a name"
    Chris Tallman (as Hervé Villechaize), Superego
  2. "I'm just a white wine drunk with a taste for the macabre."
    Paul F. Tompkins, Superego
  3. "I'm afraid of mirages in general."
    June Diane Raphael, How Did This Get Made, episode 233 "Masters of The Universe"
  4. "Green Beraby, reporting for cutie"
    Matt Gourley, Supergo, Episode 4.5
  5. "Did you ever notice that Wilson Phillips wrote a song called 'Hold On' and then a song called 'Release Me'? Make up your mind."
    T-Rex, Superego, God's Crazy Monsters sketch, Season 3
  6. "The human condition must not apologize for itself."
    Beverly Ginsberg, Ronna & Beverly podcast
  7. "Turn around, sir."
    Lennon Parham (as Charlotte Listler), Womp It Up!
  8. "You have murdering taste in music."
    Andrew Daly (as Dalton Wilcox), The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, episode 1.
  9. "What is a friend but an enemy with a smile?"
    Matt Gourley (as H.R. Giger), The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, episode 4
  10. "I didn't you were going to look at my gift horse and punch it in the face."
    Beverly Ginsberg, Ronna & Beverly podcast
  11. "Judith Knight and the Pumps!" (an exclamation)
    Jeremy Carter (as Reverend Leroy Jenkins), Superego
  12. "I just like to yell! YELLING!"
    Paul F. Tompkins (as Garry Marshall), Comedy Bang Bang