Most of them are probably food related 😕
  1. My morning coffee when I get to work
  2. Yasso Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Popsicles
  3. New episodes of podcasts
  4. Waking up 2-3 hours before the alarm goes off
  5. My IKEA floor lamp
  6. When the song you hope will come on next does so
  7. Making everyone laugh
  8. Sunny Saturday mornings
  9. New sheets on the bed
  10. Christmas time at home
  11. Family vacations
  12. Snow skiing
  13. When feeling proud of something I've done and the approval of my peers coincide
  14. When I feel proud of something even if it doesn't go well with the client
  15. Paul F. Tompkins
  16. The List App, it turns out?
  17. Puns
  18. The "New Episodes" marker on Netflix