1. "Stone-cold dum dum" - Jason Mantzoukas
    Used to describe a person who lacks basic intelligence or common sense.
  2. "Massive as eff" - Jodi Edwards
    When something is too large to describe any other way.
  3. "It's fiiiiiiine..." - Stan Smith, American Dad
    Adapted from Stan's original "he/she's fine," used to describe a situation or event that is absolutely not fine. Drawing out the "fine" helps dissuade/persuade the listener. You decide.
  4. "That's where they get ya." - Narrator, Arrested Development
    Used when describing an unforeseen problem or hidden catch in any situation. Examples include an added cost, extended wait times, or breadsticks.
  5. "We had a good run." - my dad
    Used when something comes to an end or runs into a problem. Usually a sign of defeat.
  6. "Moving on dot org" - Jessica St. Clair
    Used to move beyond a topics in a conversation