1. Sharing a hotel room with my parents while on vacation
  2. Waiting until the last minute to pay my bills, even though I have the money. Because I remember the days of having to time payments based on the arrival of the next paycheck.
  3. Similarly, avoiding getting the mail because I know the only things in there are bills and catalogs, both of which cause me to have less money.
  4. Sleeping on someone's couch
  5. Shopping for shoes in the BP section
  6. Going outside without sunscreen and/or a hat
  7. Sleeping in past 8:30
  8. Being embarrassed by the things I think are cool
  9. Sugary, flavored coffee drinks. Black is back.
  10. Bad boys
  11. Closing down the bar. (But, this is location-dependent. London, where everything closes by 12? Sure. New York? No.)
  12. Sleeping in a hole-y, oversized t-shirt and those baggy yoga pants that everyone though were cool about 10 years ago but which are actually totally inappropriate to be doing yoga in.