The further back I go, ...
  1. Ben Howard, Red Rocks, 10-02-15
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    The Wolves, ahhhhhh
  2. Avett Brothers, Art Park, 9-19-15
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    Stand out moment: Manhattan, Scott interacted with crowd ?!?! Mom's 1st Avett show for her 65th birthday.
  3. Passenger, the Fillmore, 9-13-15
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    Fairy tales and fire sides ... Girls almost got kicked out. "I'll drive somewhere but I'm not going all the way home!"
  4. Brandi Carlile, Red Rocks, 8-15-15
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    She slays. So fun.
  5. My Morning Jacket, Red Rocks, 8-14-15
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  6. Damien Rice, Red Rocks, 8-10-15
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    Game changer, religious experience. Just him and his guitar.
  7. Ryan Adams, Red Rocks, 6-30-15
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  8. Avett Brothers, Southside Ballroom Dallas, 2-28-15
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  9. Avett Brother, Southside Ballroom Dallas, 2-27-15
  10. Tragically Hip, HOB Chicago, 1-16-15
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  11. Tragically Hip, HOB Chicago, 1-15-15
  12. City and Colour, The Ogden, 11-9-15
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    Dallas green!