A sort of serious look back, from the 4th grade part of me
  1. 1. Jonathan
    10-year-old me was (and still is) a sucker for the shy ones. Mysteriousness I suppose. Hated Tiffany for dating him. Still love him despite the homosexuality that means I officially will never have a shot with him
  2. 2. Donnie
    This one is a controversial choice for me. I did not like him back in the day. But, I love my NKOTB, and he starting acting and I'm required by my NKOTB fan club membership to support a New Kid in any and all endeavors. Turns out he can act (hello, "Boomtown"!) and I converted to Donnie fanship. It didn't hurt that he cut the rat-tail!
  3. 3. Joey
    Ah, Joey. The young one. First off, he was and is adorable! And as a youngest child I could relate to him. You could tell the other guys treated him like an annoying younger brother. Also, those eyes. It's the whole non-threatening, boyish one, batting those baby-blues that a pre-teen couldn't help but love!
  4. 4. Jordan
    I respect the range on this guys voice. Hello high notes! Plus, I knew if and when things worked out with his brother Jonathan, I'd need to stay on his good side to maintain a good relationship with my bro-in-law.
  5. 5. Danny
    Ah, Danny. I honestly can't say a bad or good thing about him! He just never really made an impression on me. Most of what I can remember about him is from the NKOTB Saturday morning cartoon. Plus, he, too, rocked the rat-tail, and we already know that's a deal breaker for this girl! But thanks for playing, Danny!