Things I read/listened to/cared about because of a boy (not all the same boy)

  1. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
    It changed the boy's life. He lent the first one to me and I proceeded to read all seven. This is not my usual genre of literature, but I don't regret reading them. I actually bawled & cursed Stephen King at two in the morning after the death of a certain character (no spoilers). I don't think there'll come in time when I'll ever re-read these, but the relationship with the books lasted longer than the relationship with the boy, so there's that
  2. The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman
    Once again, not my usual type of reading material, but he lent me the first few and I ended up buying the whole series used on Amazon. I'm thankful to have been introduced to Gaiman. There are some lines that will always stay with me. What more could I ask for?
  3. She Wants Revenge
    This boy and I shared a love of music and he wanted me to give him my opinion of this group. I honestly don't think I was "hip" enough for them, but I gave them a shot. I never listened again after he got married and wasn't allowed to be my friend anymore
  4. True North by Jim Harrison
    This book! A drunken night at my favorite dive bar led to my discovery of Jim Harrison. I had several shots & ended up talking to two guys until last call. I left with a bar receipt with four book suggestions & a phone number. I ended up reading all the books with varying degrees of enjoyment, but True North just got me. There are lines that speak things I never knew I wanted to express. There's a sequel, Returning to Earth, that is amazing as well. (I never saw the guy again)
  5. Heavens
    He discovered them and I just HAD to listen. Patent Pending is a good song. I don't remember a whole lot more from them, but in my particularly angsty moments I think of the lyric about "sharpening knives"