1. Tulips in Central Park-- I took this a few years ago when I lived there and reminds me of my morning walks in the park!
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  2. David Beckham pulled up next to me at a stoplight and well it was amazing. He waved. (My friends and I might not have been to discrete in our admiration)
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  3. No- I don't know this dog. I have no idea where I got this pic. But I want a mini golden doodle and this one is sooooo cuuuuute
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  4. My dad and me (and my attitude 😬). Makes me laugh every time I see it.
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  5. I take way too many sunset pics that just sit on my phone. Sometimes the sky outside my apartment is crazy and I can just sit and stare.
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  6. On 1 of first couple trips to Haiti w/ the sweetest girl 💗
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  7. Sorry my dog was Kona was the cutest. 1 of ohhhhh hundred's of dog pics 😬
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