...and now have what can only be described as a dad-esque appreciation for
  1. Rest stops
    The thing I'm most excited about as of late. Manned information booths are a plus, vending machines are a must
  2. Instruction manuals
    Especially if they are not poorly translated
  3. Clearly marked trail heads
    Fuck that wandering around unsure of where I am bullshit!
  4. Movie theaters with membership programs
    Up front fee and then $3 per movie!! Even better if they have member only events.
  5. The find your iPhone app
    Was used against me many times in high school but now saves my ass
  6. Bluetooth
    I can't afford to pay the talking while driving ticket so now I actually give a shit
  7. Cruise control
  8. Talk radio
  9. G & Ts
    Only takes a little more planning than bringing a six pack
  10. Lowes
    A place I had a special hate for as a child but now appreciate profusely. The smell of wood, high ceilings and everything you need to fix things-what could be better!