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  1. Puking vs finding a way not to
  2. Running for sport versus running because you're excited and want to get to something faster
  3. Playing it cool in early stages of friendship versus just being like "hey want to be my friend?"
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You can fit these four letter word combos on your knuckles if you want.
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A selfie project I started in Chicago as a dumb joke, which eventually turned into staged but sincere ways to remember times and places that mean something to me.
Not to be confused with Things New York Taught Me
  1. 1.
    It's cool to fuck shit up; you're learning
    Own up to mistakes, apologize only if necessary, then move on
  2. 2.
    Not everything is a reflection on you
    Usually actually has nothing to do with you at all?
  3. 3.
    How to be interviewed and not sound like a dumb dumb
    Conviction, repetition, lean on others for backup
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  1. Was really into this ground mirror
    but was more interested its placement than actually keeping it
  2. Little drawing already ripped out and found tucked away in an old sketchbook
    Ex boyfriend later claimed having drawn this, which makes sense
  3. Happy face balloon in a closed storefront
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  1. Had a dog that rode in a backpack on his bike
  2. Owned a camper van
  3. Way out of my league and wanted to see if he'd also swipe right
    Turns out I severely underestimate my internet persona
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  1. Greek yogurt + fruit
    ice cream. Yo this is NOT ice cream.
  2. Toast, Greek yogurt, Jam
    a jelly donut. Declared myself an actual culinary genius after this one.
  3. Powdered peanut butter, cocoa powder, water
    This makes a paste that I thought was "wow, basically Nutella"
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  1. this beautiful lady
  2. her husband
  3. healthy cereal that is also sort of mocking you
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I have excellent taste in men.
  1. "Murderfuck"
    Full chest piece
  2. "Hell yeah pimp"
  3. A shrimp holding a banana
  4. Pizza, probably
    This is just a guess