A selfie project I started in Chicago as a dumb joke, which eventually turned into staged but sincere ways to remember times and places that mean something to me.
  1. Static
    Old apartment in Humboldt Park
  2. Static
    On the clock at Threadless, HQ
  3. Static
    Still on the clock at Threadless HQ
  4. Static
    Somewhere in Tennessee
  5. Static
    Milwaukee, WI
  6. Static
    Indiana Dunes
  7. Static
    Chicago, IL
  8. Static
    Home in Florida
  9. Static
    Threadess HQ
  10. Static
    Humboldt Park apartment
  11. Static
    One of my first visits to New York. Greenpoint, BK
  12. Static
    Buried alive in New Buffalo, MI
  13. Static
    Moving day. Chicago to New York