Inspired by @kaydbug89 list of games that are banned because of her
  1. Monopoly
    A classic game of ruining friendships. After arguing the purpose of Free parking and consulting the rulebook (I was right, btw), we then argued for a half hour about the rules of houses and hotels.
  2. Game of Thrones Risk
    This should also be added to my list of petty things I get annoyed with my boyfriend for. We were playing two player and during the game where you take in first territories he took some close to my Capitol. I got angry and immediately quit the game
  3. Uno
    I was 15 and playing Uno with my friends instead of going to Homecoming. My boyfriend at the time conspired with my best friend to give me multiple draw four. With almost half the deck in my hand, I chucked all of them at him. People shouldn't play game with me.