Things about Facebook that irk me

I'm not sure why I haven't deactivated it yet
  1. When someone whom I never speak with tries to sell me things like makeup or leggings or diet cleanses or dildos
    It's great that you "started your own business" and all but I don't want your overpriced leggings and makeup.
  2. Friend requests from people I obviously don't know who live in a foreign country and have no mutual friends
    Totally gonna accept that
  3. Farmville Requests
    Or any other Facebook game. I'm too busy playing the countless games at my house and Roller coaster tycoon on my phone
  4. Petty public posts(say that ten times fast)calling out or complaining about an anonymous someone but it's obvious who they are talking about.
    But thanks for letting everyone know your drama it was super fun to read.
  5. Sob story posts.
    Maybe I'm just too private of a person but I don't need everyone I know hearing me bitch about my job or car.
  6. The fact that messenger and Facebook are two separate apps.
    and that it makes you have messenger, fuck you Facebook