1. Glitter, face paint, old dance leotard, wiggly antennae headband with plastic hearts. Sextraterrestrial.
  2. Ripped t-shirt, leggings, bushy hair, war paint. Legends of the Vagina Temple Guard. (Teams: Lavender Labia. Blue Balls. Coral Clits. Green Gashes.)
  3. My friend in all black pants, long-sleeved black shirt, white face paint. Linked arm-in-arm with me, wearing all white pants, long-sleeved shirt, black face paint. Yin yang. Also the day I learned about blackface.
  4. All white pants and a long-sleeved white shirt, freshly-washed face. Fluorescent light, linked arm in arm with my friend, a mime.
  5. Home-made tiger faux fur sweatsuit, made for me when I was 8 by my mother, tried on for fun when I was 9, and 10, and in August when I was 11, laying on the floor and crying because I couldn't get it off and I was hot.
  6. A flamenco dress is not a costume.
  7. A star cut out of construction paper in my hair and some running shoes. Shooting star.
  8. Just fake blood everywhere. A bloody person.
  9. A cardboard box painted white, with aluminum foil knobs and a little door, and a hamburger bun inside. Bun in the oven. At some point in the night, I lost the bun.