1. Olive street merchants
  2. A tube of beer and an open-faced sandwich for €2
  3. Sitting on the rooftop of a building that is older than my country, sipping hot coffee, smoking a cigarette, and watching a thunderstorm roll in at sunset
  4. Spotting a fox while hiking to the site where my boyfriend's family has laid the foundation for a restaurant in the red clay mountains 20 minutes from the Mediterranean sea
  5. Leaning out the bathroom window after a hot shower and picking a ripe, juicy Malaga orange from a tree
  6. Standing in a room of an old brothel and watching 5-minute comedy sketches about taking your date to a swingers meetup, Madrid personified as a show-tunes lover, and Hamlet as told in 1-minute by a busy butcher
  7. Lunch from 2-4pm, Dinner from 9-11pm. Breakfast is just coffee.
  8. Touring a cookie factory and then waiting for the bus at a children's playground across the street from a 1500s palace in a little town no one has heard of because every town has a centuries-old palace, anyway
  9. Heading home at 1am and passing full bars with parents chatting and laughing, babies asleep in strollers, and all the children playing soccer in the street.
  10. Seeing my kids at school wearing soccer scarves and showing me pics on their cellphones of them posing with Cristiano Ronaldo at the celebration rally the night before, then lifting up their shirts and running around the room like he did after the goal
  11. The way Josh Hutcherson would hang out at my boyfriend's bar while waiting for his girlfriend, and that The Hunger Games was our first date, but I never said hello
  12. Getting out of pottery class and realizing that the Bollywood festival had started right across the street in front of the public library that was once a magnificent mosque
  13. Being like "it's Tuesday and I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend," and your friend is like, "I'm going to Morocco/Portugal/Paris, wanna come?" And then you're like, "yeah! I could totally do that" and then we do
  14. Learning that the correct way to pour a beer involves a butterknife