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First I will start by saying....I HATE reading. Loath it. I can't even focus on reading a care label on a new article of clothing, so for me to come up with a list of books I've read more than once? Well that deserves a present!!!
  1. Ricky tiki tembo
    This was probably my most favorite book when I was a child and still is. It's a great story with beautiful Chinese illustrations. If you are familiar with this book, you may recall listening to a vinyl record that would play along so you could read along while being "read the story". Whenever I would read this book on my own, I always mimicked the narrator bc he was fabulous. I still do. 😜
  2. Eloise
    I know this gem by heart. Eloise was a child who lived her days at the Plaza hotel by entertaining herself with her HUGE imagination. This was me as a child. I relate to Eloise and as a result birthed 2 more of her. I never did have a turtle named skipperdee whose ears I could braid to keep him from getting cross and developing a rash, or a pug dog name weenie. Shouldn't we all name something we love weenie??
  3. Are you there God it's me Margaret?
    I have 9 words that will sum this book up. "We must, we must, we must increase our bust!"
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This is a list of albums that changed my life in chronological order from my first up until now.
  1. "Free to be you and me". If you were a child (or an adult) in the 70's you would know what this album is and why it's the first one on my list.
  2. Pink Floyd "the wall" I was fascinated by the lyrics and the illustrations on the double album. I listened to this album over and over when I was in 7th grade. Pink Floyd is still one of my favs akin part to this album
  3. Ozzy Osbourne "crazy train". Again another album discovered in the 7th grade. I loved it and still do.
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