This is a list of albums that changed my life in chronological order from my first up until now.
  1. "Free to be you and me". If you were a child (or an adult) in the 70's you would know what this album is and why it's the first one on my list.
  2. Pink Floyd "the wall" I was fascinated by the lyrics and the illustrations on the double album. I listened to this album over and over when I was in 7th grade. Pink Floyd is still one of my favs akin part to this album
  3. Ozzy Osbourne "crazy train". Again another album discovered in the 7th grade. I loved it and still do.
  4. INXS "shabooh shoobah" this is and will always be my most favorite present ever given to me. I fell hard and fast for this band back in 1983. When michael died it became a memory I kept in a safe place in my heart
  5. The Police "synchronicity" high school angst is my memory from this album, but I love it anyway.
  6. Prince "purple rain" the entire album carries so many memories and emotion from HS that just hearing the start of any of the songs will blast me back into 1985. Those were good times my friend.
  7. Dan Fogelberg "love songs". This entire compilation of all the love songs he wrote can transform you back to where you were when each song was released. I loved this album and lost it to my Cadillac Escalade's CD player. I've never been able to replace it. rip loves songs....
  8. Sade "diamond life" is glimpse into my college years and long distance love.
  9. John Mayer "Born and Raised" is the album that spun me into a full throttle love affair with his talent, lyrics and voice. I was gone, hook-line-sinker. To me this album was his story of being a wounded warrior who needed to vent and an ear to listen to about his plight of rebirth in a time when society can knock you down and not let you forget.
  10. John Mayer "paradise valley". This album will forever remind me of driving in the PCH in California with my family on our vacation. It makes me smile.
  11. John Mayer "continuum" every song on this album speaks volumes to me. It exudes his creative talents and lyrical genius. Each song is from a raw place of honesty and that's why it's quite possibly my favorite.
  12. John Mayer "battle studies" see above. I feel the same way about this album.
  13. John Mayer "room for squares" is my favorite bc this is where "Neon" lives and that song is my favorite.