Cause it's all I listen to on the train and my friends are tired of me begging them to listen to these
  1. How Did This Get Made
    The only podcast I consistently listen to no matter the guest or movie. For a brief period I thought I was in love with Jason Mantzoukas. June Diane Raphael is the only person in the world who makes me cry with laughter weekly. Paul Scheer just fucking loves movies. How can you not love this podcast? Everyone go listen to it and let's talk about it forever •Favorite recurring bit: Jason listening to all of June's crazy theories play out/calling others June when they have a crazy theory
  2. Hollywood Handbook
    Sean and Hayes acting like Hollywood assholes is true comedy. Hamburger sammiches, Mimby Kaling, skellingtons, is movies is better than tv? It's all so good in such a weird way. •Favorite recurring bit: Sassing the engineers but specifically Brett
  3. You Made It Weird
    Honestly I had to give this one up for a few months because Pete got too religious and I was bored. But my favorite episodes I listen to again and again and ol Petey Pants is just the best goon. •Favorite recurring bit: not necessarily an every episode thing but anytime he asks "Hardest time you laughed" I love it. I wanna hear everyone's story
  4. Savage Love
    I know it isn't a comedy podcast but sometimes you just wanna listen to people get advice about their desire to do butt stuff. And I know people have problems with Dan Savage and sometimes he's super annoying but also he's an advocate for a lot of people so just damn baby be cool and listen to the butt stuff!
  5. Professor Blastoff (RIP)
    The very first podcast I ever listened to and the one that led me to all other podcasts. How can you go wrong with Kyle Dunnigan? You can't. I love so many episodes of that podcast it could be a whole other list. Favorite recurring bit: not so much recurring through all episodes but chicken parking lot joke is so so so good to me
  6. Welcome to Nightvale
    Not a comedy podcast in an outright sense, but acting like the macabre is normal is silly enough and falls into the category of "comedy, Aadams Family" for me. Plus the music is usually solid.
  7. Comedy Bang Bang
    I'll be honest, I don't love Comedy Bang Bang. And I really only listen to episodes with people I know/like. I don't care for Scott Aukerman. He's great I wish him the best but not my personal favorite. However I do love PFT, Harris, Jason Mantzoukas, and Andy Daly, among others. So it's on the list because there are so many good episodes but it's not one I follow religiously. All jokes a salad.
  8. How to Be Amazing
    Listen to it for the people you like, let Michael Ian Black lead you through their process. It's soothing. I love it.