My 9 year old son and my nearly-12-year old daughter chatted about these things today.
  1. How to build a yacht in Minecraft
    How big should it be? How many people will it sleep? Apparently it's harder than it looks.
  2. How are there both volcanos and glaciers in Iceland?
    I have no idea, actually, but the 6th grader says that there is instability at two tectonic plates, and this explains the volcanoes.
  3. Puffins
    They are so cute, aren't they?
  4. Peregrine falcons
    We were reading the latest issue of the Audobon magazine (hence the puffins) and there's a great article about a peregrine falcon that raised baby falcons in the window box of a Chicago apartment. But how many peregrine falcons are there? I have no idea. We never got around to looking this up.
  5. The difference between a locally owned store and a franchise
    This conversation was prompted after a stop at a local ice cream shop. We all agreed that locally owned was better. But, as my son pointed out, you might make more money if you owned a bunch of franchises.
  6. Cuba
    Travel-worthy destination or no? The nearly-12-year old worries that she would feel too sad about the people living in poverty.
  7. The monkeys on Animal Jam
    They really aren't very cute, but once you've bought one, you can only sell it for 50% of what you paid for it. You're stuck trying to dress it up with fancy hats and neck-wear.
  8. Black mushrooms on trees
    It's disgusting. Is it really a mushroom? Or just tree fungus? Why do some trees have it and others don't? Regardless, it's just gross.