Living in a college town has its advantages.
  1. We take our football seriously.
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  2. I do love seeing the flags at half mast.
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    So respectful. And it's important to realize there is more going on in the world outside of these stadium walls.
  3. It always feels awe-inspiring to be in this place.
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    I've been attending games here since I was at least 16. That's over 27 years. It's like home.
  4. My son really wants us to buy an old bus so we can do this.
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  5. Peanuts.
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    It was only after the shells started piling up that I felt like a jerk. What if someone near us had allergies? I feel terrible. Probably won't ever buy these again.
  6. These people.
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    I love them.
  7. I love this part.
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    Every time.
  8. The kids and I left early and celebrated with ice cream.
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    This could become a tradition.