As of 5pm today, I'm on vacation. I'm off for a full 12 days.
  1. I have already checked work email numerous times.
  2. I've edited a document for a research project.
  3. I've made dinner for the family.
    A particularly lazy dinner of bean enchiladas with canned enchilada sauce. Not fancy. Very filling.
  4. I've assembled a gingerbread house.
    Although I've insisted that the kids wait until tomorrow to decorate it. Nothing worse than the roof sliding off midway.
  5. I've checked my work email again.
    And stressed about the things that are in there, with their January deadlines.
  6. I've stressed about the clever lists I've not written here yet.
    Because really, I'm not clever.
  7. I've considered when I can visit Asheville.
    Because @THEToughCookie wont stop sharing great photos on Instagram about that place. And now I must plan a trip.
  8. I've thought about whether I should have scheduled a therapy appointment over the holidays.
    Probably yes.
  9. I put an out-of-office message on my email.
    But not on the electronic medical record. I can't even pretend that I won't log on to check on my patients. I will. I already have.
  10. Vacation!