1. Level 1: sleep in but not hang out
    see through pyjamas or nudity
  2. Level 2: sleep and chill, immediate family only
    Old and worn pjs
  3. Level 3: chill indoor, outdoor involves some daring...
    Thick Pjs or ugly onesie
  4. Level 4: Chill indoor/outdoor
    sweats or leggings
  5. Level 5: Chill or move house
    dungarees, unisex or oversized clothing
  6. Level 6: Jeans
  7. Level 7: Uniform or business wear
  8. Level 8: clothes that mark your body
    Skinny jeans, strapless bras, formal wear
  9. Level 9: clothes that make you smaller
    Spanks or corsets
  10. Level 10: fancy dress or ugly clothes that hurt
    Harnesses, wetsuits and heels over 4 inches