1. Allows men to think that women's whole lives should revolve around them
  2. Enforces the stereotype that women have to sit on the couch eating ice cream and crying over a breakup
  3. It's pretty obvious there were no labels on this relationship
    And yet Drake looks at her like she belongs to him
  4. The girls she's going out with are probably girls she's been friends with for years but he doesn't actually know anything about her or her social circle
  5. The thought that she can't be with another guy now that they're clearly over
  6. It seems like she's mostly going to clubs, why is that a place she doesn't belong?
  7. Makes girls believe that they need a guy to "really be living"
  8. If Drake thinks she being someone else it means she probably wasn't being her true self around him
    And now she's getting to live how she wants to
  9. Drake thinks they should still be friends despite the fact that she ended the relationship
    And clearly no longer wants to be associated with him
  10. "You make me feel like I did you wrong"
    Yes Drake! You probably did and now she doesn't want anything to do with you