1. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam
    The first song I can really remember that made me feel something and possibly ignited my love for music.
  2. Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend
    I cried to this song a lot during my senior year of college mostly after leaving my best friend's house for the night and knowing that nights like those were numbered.
  3. Time by Retro Stefson
    When I learned of this band and this song it was a time in my life where the first verse just spoke to me so clearly. Plus that up tempo beat that just stops and he starts singing about leaving his family behind, it kind of punches me in the gut every time.
  4. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
    There's a post on Tumblr that makes a joke about how one day the OP will be in the car with their children and this song will come on and they'll start crying while yelling the lyrics between sobs and their kids won't understand what's happening and I don't think I've ever related to a post more in my life.
  5. Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional
    The acoustic version of this song will always be my favorite and there's something about that breathy "breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep" that just brings me back to my camp days and fills me with delight and sadness.
  6. Dancing On My Own by Robyn
    No other song can fill my eyes with tears but make my body move the way this one does.
  7. Ribs by Lorde
    If I'm being honest here, Lorde's whole album does this to me but no song has quite captured the way I feel about growing up the way Lorde has and it's done in an ominous sort of way that makes "it feels so scary getting old" seem so wrong and like it's not just another part of life.
  8. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
    My first introduction to Mumford was while I made omelettes for Sunday brunch customers and I fell so hard and so fast for this song. I truly think it's just Marcus's tone throughout this whole album that I can't quite put my finger on why I feel so much when listening but I know that I do and there's no way around that.
  9. Human by The Killers
    I love making jokes about how this song has me confused as to whether I'm human or just a dancer but in all seriousness this is a beautiful song that's all about existentialism and allows me to dance to a song that tells me it's ok to question life.