Want to be able to edit draft blog posts in Markdown on your Windows PC and your iPhone or iPad? It isn't as easy as between a Mac and iOS, because there are no cross-platform apps. Here's a workflow I created that will do this.
  1. Download iCloud for Windows and install it on your PC
  2. Download a Markdown editor for Windows
    So far I've enjoyed using MarkdownPad and Markdown Edit.
  3. Purchase Byword for iOS from the App Store
    Others will work but I like this app.
  4. Open the iCloud control panel settings on your PC and turn on the "iCloud Drive" option
    It's not on by default.
  5. Open Windows Explorer and find "iCloud Drive"
  6. Navigate to the "Byword" folder in your iCloud Drive
  7. Save all your new draft blog posts in the Byword folder.
  8. Edit a blog post in your Windows markdown editor
  9. In Byword on your iPhone or iPad, open the same post. It should be in sync!