I'm a mess
  1. 🖥 Film/ Video Editor
    This is actually what I want to do for a career and go to college for. It's very technical and I would only need to apply a VERY reasonable amount of creativity (still some, but not a crazy amount). I'm still not sure if I would want to do it freelance or to work with a big company. One main requirement: NO LA.
  2. 🍴 Food Critic
    To get paid to EAT food and write eloquent reviews about said food, YES PLEASE! I have the eating part down, but my writing skills could be slightly improved.
  3. 🌃 Window Display Creator
    Dont know the official term but this seems like such an enjoyable job! I love all things graphic design and interior design, and this is a perfect marriage of the two. I swoon every time I walk by an anthropology window display.
  4. 📓 SNL Writer
    I could totally come up with some awesome material...but I'm DEFINATELY not qualified. It would be so fun though.
  5. 🎒 Fashion buyer
    For movies or theatre productions. It would be so interesting to craft a character based solely on his/her attire.
  6. 🎙Stand up comedian
    Totally not qualified, but I wish I was!! Then I could be in the playing field with some of my favorite people ever.
  7. 🎭 Broadway Performer
    Only if I had the guts or skills to do so (I have neither!)
  8. 🏺 Art curator
    Buying/finding art for museums. Although I feel that being an art curator for a tiny gallery would be really fun too.