For now...trying to make a gallery wall of weird stuff but I'm still in the process of curating
  1. My above-desk-situation
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    A mess like me!
  2. What I'm reading
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    SO good!
  3. My bed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    BEST DUVET EVER (from Urban Outfitters if you want to buy it...I highly recommend it)
  4. Polaroid wall
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    My only true collection
  5. My clothes set out for school tomorrow
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    Prepping now do I don't have to do it tomorrow™
  6. IKEA fake plant
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    Because I kill all of the real ones I own
  7. A framed picture of myself
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    Psssshhh...I'm TOTALLY not narcissistic
  8. Cute bottles
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    second best ginger ale, only to Fever Tree ginger ale
  9. Bedside Polaroid
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    Featuring @afterlife
  10. Map of places I've been
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    I need to travel more!!!
  11. Instagram picture wall
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    Peep that pic of Fitz and the Tantrums 😍
  12. This organizational BEAUTY from IKEA
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    I LOOOOOVE IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!! (Accurate number of !'s)