These facts are about Esther Kruman (aka @afterlife)
  1. She is THE resident cool kid
  2. She's a legit photographer
    Follow her on insta @ quietpines! It's legit I promise
  3. Her name is really Carolyn
    She goes by her middle name
  4. I am the same person as her
    100% true
  5. We have been friends for 4.5 years
    Dude that's like a really long time (especially in comparison to my insignificant 16-year-old life)
  6. She's REAL serious with her boyf
    It's LAY-min not LEE-min
  7. We used to be (and kind of still are) OBSESSED with the Hunger Games, and we have seen every movie together in theaters
    It was unhealthy. To the point of me having a Hunger Games themes birthday party (to which I invited Alexander Ludwig bc DUH)
  8. She's actually Jesus
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