Inspired by @Nicholas and @stevecady and everyone else
  1. Sandwich
    1 slice of stale whole wheat bread with all the crusts cut off folded in half. Filled with one piece of frozen bacon and three unidentifiable packets of sauce kept from take out orders.
  2. Cocktail
    All of the liquid squeezed out of the rag that is used to clean off the bar. With 2 pieces of limp celery glued together to use as a straw.
  3. Pasta Entrée
    The last 1/8 cup of 6 boxes of different shaped pastas boiled in one pot until pre-al dente (still hard on the inside but jelly-like on the outside). Tossed with chopped up spam and coated in a sauce 1 part mayo to 2 parts milk.
  4. Salad
    A plate full of uneaten baby corn pieces gathered from already served plates from the kitchen of a Ruby Tuesday's.